Sustainability Task Force

Sustainability Task Force
The City of Elmhurst Sustainability Task Force held its first meeting in October 2014. The task force, established by Mayor Steven Morley, will focus on developing a baseline sustainability assessment and a community sustainability plan across areas of energy conservation, waste reduction, recycling, transportation and water. The plan will include goals and strategies for implementation. All initiatives will also be aligned with the City’s emphasis on fiscal responsibility.

Selected by the Mayor, the task force members are diverse set of representatives from various industries and community groups. The Executive Committee, consisting of Lisa Gerhold Dirks (Chair), Dannee Polomsky, Barbara Lonergan and Shelley Moskal. The task force typically meets at 7pm on the 4th Wednesday of the month.

  • Phyllis Butt
  • Bill Fisher
  • Jan Foster
  • Lisa Gerhold-Dirks
  • Mike Hauert
  • Paula Hubert
  • Rex Irby
  • Kenneth Johnson
  • John Kelly
  • Prashant Shanti Kumar
  • Heidi Loffredo
  • Barbara Lonergan
  • Dianne McGinnis
  • Kimberly Messina
  • Shelley Moskal
  • Dan Payne
  • Dannee Polomsky
  • Gael Ronnau
  • Frank Schuh
  • Susan A. Somers
  • Geralyn Sorrentino
  • Laura Stukel 
  • Sharon Sullivan
  • Dr. Kelly Synowiec-Moroney