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  1. WaterSmart

    Sign up for WaterSmart today!

    We're excited to introduce you to the WaterSmart Program. With the installation of the new, more efficient water meters that are currently being installed citywide, residents will benefit from the ability to actively manager their water usage. Residents will be able to view their hourly consumption from the convenience of their mobile device through the WaterSmart Program.



    Online Overnight Parking Requests

    To request overnight parking permission and avoid a citation, residents and visitors can use the online request form, which can be accessed through www.elmhurst.org/overnightparking .

  3. Water Meter Changeout Team

    Citywide Water Meter Changeout 

    The City of Elmhurst will begin a citywide water meter change out project requiring all residential and commercial water meters to be replaced. For more information, visit www.elmhurst.org/watermeterchangeout