Elmhurst Heritage Foundation

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The Elmhurst Heritage Foundation has its own web site at www.elmhurstheritagefoundation.org
The site is the place to purchase tickets for events, become a member of EHF, or make a donation to the Foundation.

Become a Member of the Elmhurst Heritage Foundation
The Elmhurst Heritage Foundation proudly launched a membership program in 2010 and invites everyone to take advantage of many benefits. Please follow this link to find out more about membership, the Foundation, events and so much more. Click here to download a copy the Membership Brochure now.

What Is the Elmhurst Heritage Foundation All About?

In 2007, the Elmhurst Heritage Foundation, a non-profit 501c3 organization, was established by the merger of the Elmhurst Historical Museum Foundation (founded in 1992) and the City's Historical Commission. The Foundation’s mission is to stimulate broad-based support for local history, the Elmhurst History Museum, and the Churchville Schoolhouse through advocacy, education and fundraising.This citizen-based support group works actively in the community to support the Elmhurst History Museum and the Churchville Schoolhouse -- two very important cultural institutions that allow residents and visitors to experience the unique history of Elmhurst. Through strategic planning, donor development, outreach, and essential fundraising, the Elmhurst Heritage Foundation will offer guidance and support to keep history alive for future generations.

Since its inception, the Elmhurst Heritage Foundation has planned and implemented several fundraising events and donor campaigns to make significant contributions to achieve these goals. Some examples of this support include:
  • Donations to complete renovation of the historic Churchville Schoolhouse;
  • A new membership program to encourage community support;
  • Donation of history books to Elmhurst elementary schools;
  • Provision of transportation for student field trips to the Museum and the Churchville Schoolhouse;
  • An expanded volunteer program to offset staff reductions;
  • Annual grants to enhance Museum exhibits and programs and to support ongoing living history programming at the Churchville Schoolhouse.