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Posted on: April 8, 2016

Smoke Alarm Accessories for the Hearing Impaired

Fire Alarm for Hearing Impaired

Smoke alarms save lives. However, people who are deaf or hard of hearing may not
be able to depend on the traditional smoke alarm to alert them of a fire. Installing smoke alarm accessories made for alerting people who are deaf or hard of hearing is imperative for their safety. There are several accessories that are recommended for installation in homes where a person who is deaf or hearing impaired resides.

Smoke alarm strobe light accessories should be placed throughout the home. The strobe lights visually alert the hearing impaired of a fire condition. When people who are deaf are asleep, a high intensity
strobe light is required along with a pillow or bed shaker to wake them up and alert them to fire conditions so they can escape. These devices are activated by the sound of a standard smoke alarm.

An individual who is hard of hearing should also consider adding a smoke alarm alert device that produces a loud, mixed low-pitched sound. This equipment is activated by the sound of the smoke alarm and is usually installed next to the bed. Recent research shows that a loud, mixed low-pitched sound is more effective for waking people of all ages than the loud high-pitched sound of a traditional smoke alarm.

If you or someone you know is hearing impaired, please ensure their home is equipped with life saving smoke alarm accessories designed for the hearing impaired.

Please call the Elmhurst Fire Department's non-emergency line at 630-530-3090 for more information.

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