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Exemplary Youth Award 2018 Group Nomination

  1. Email Youth Commission

  2. Not a family member or self.

  3. This category is for groups of volunteers where each volunteer participated equally in the volunteer effort. For large groups, please limit your nomination to a subgroup of equal contributors. Please also consider nominating exemplary individuals for individual recognition. Our intent is to recognize exemplary volunteers who made significant contributions.

  4. Please list ALL names addresses and personal email addresses for every volunteer nominated.

  5. Please describe your nomination in 300-500 words, including your responses to the questions below. Be specific. Nominations will be judged anonymously.

  6. Do NOT use the name of the volunteer(s) in the body of your response.

  7. • Describe the volunteer activity or service and why it was exemplary. Please include:

  8. o When and where the volunteer activity took place.

  9. o The scope/ range of volunteer activity (the number and variety of tasks that are part of the volunteer effort).

  10. o The duties of the volunteer(s).

  11. o How the contribution(s) helped meet community needs/had an impact on others.

  12. • Describe the quality of work/work ethic of the nominee, e.g., the work is completed well and on time.

  13. • Describe how the nominee(s) demonstrated leadership, e.g., took initiative, solved problems, was innovative.

  14. • Describe the nominee(s') commitment to service, e.g., number of people served, length of time served, has spent a large number of hours in one year to complete a complex task, consistent service to project(s) over an extended number of years.

  15. • Other comments about the volunteer(s) and/or their contribution.

  16. • For group nominations only, describe the ways in which the group worked together.

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