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Storm/Flood Information
September 22, 2015:  Pumping Station Water Quality and Landscape Enhancements

The City of Elmhurst has completed the Salt Creek (Greenway) Trail Pumping Stations Water Quality and Landscape Enhancements project involving improvements at four pumping stations: Harrison, Jackson, Berkley & Adams, and McKinley. On Wednesday, September 23rd the City will host an open house to introduce these improvements to the public. Event will take place at the Berkley & Adams Pumping Station at 11:00 am.

The goal of this project is to model the proper use of erosion and sedimentation control techniques using best management practices and educational displays. This work will help to manage sedimentation/siltation, mineral and nutrient mitigation, aid in stormwater detention, promote indigenous plant growth and model sustainable practices for the community of Elmhurst. These improvements can be replicated at individual homeowner's properties within our community to help improve water quality and reduce run-off.

Along the Greenway trail, you will see a green roof system, porous (permeable) pavers, rain gardens and exterior native plantings/perennials at the four demonstration sites. Copies of these educational panels can be found below. This project was undertaken in connection with the settlement of an enforcement action taken by the Illinois Attorney General and the Illinois EPA for alleged violations of the Illinois Environmental Protection Act.

Elmhurst Water Reclamation Facility
Elmhurst & Salt Creek: History at a Glance

Berkley Pumping Station
Berkley Pumping Station Rain Garden

Harrison Pumping Station
Harrison Pumping Station Green Roof

Jackson Pumping Station
Jackson Pumping Station Prairie Plants

McKinley Pumping Station Porous Pavers

July 29, 2015 Walnut-Myrtle-Evergreen Open House Exhibits:

The Walnut-Myrtle-Evergreen Stormwater Improvement project will entail the construction of a series of storm sewers pipes along various streets and a drainage outfall to the Elmhurst Quarry to provide overland flood relief to the neighborhood.

On Wednesday, July 29th, the City hosted a public open house for this project to seek citizen feedback on the preliminary design.  Staff presented preliminary drawings and provided opportunity for residents to speak with the engineers. Below you will find links to exhibits presented during the open house:

Project Timeline

Design Relief Sewer Alignment

Existing Drainage Exhibit

April 28, 2015 Update: 

City Council continues to take action to bolster stormwater mitigation efforts in Elmhurst, most recently approving the Flood-Prone Property Prioritization and Buyout Plan. To be included in consideration for purchase, please email . Further details to follow.

Flood Prone Property Buyout Plan

Jan. 14, 2015 Update: The following two links are additional information developed by the City for the Elmhurst Park District explaining the exorbitant costs associated with upsizing the stormwater pipes and pumps to get water to Salt Creek, rather than using the east lobe of York Commons Park.

Memo to Park District

Spreadsheet of Costs

2014-10-15 Stormwater Information Meeting

Letter to School District 205 - a letter from Mayor Steve Morley and City Manager James Grabowski asking the District 205 board to vote on prioritized stormwater projects by September 30.

Letter to Elmhurst Park District - a letter from Mayor Steve Morley and City Manager James Grabowski asking the Elmhurst Park District board to vote on prioritized stormwater projects by September 30. 

Storm Mitigation Presentations

Conceptual Drawing of Storm Mitigation Projects

Apply for FEMA Aid 2013

Projects Completed After 2010 Storm Event

2013 Storm Damage Assessment Relief

Tetanus-Diptheria Vacination Info

Nicor - Flood Fact Sheet

Stormwater Comprehensive Plan

Storm Water Task Force

FEMA Workshop on Basement Flooding

Drainage Master Plan - HARZA

Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd. Evaluation of Jackson and Saylor Lift Station

Burke Storm Report

RJN Sanitary Report   *** File Size 69.28 mb ****

Burke Report on Three Additional Study Areas

RJN Smoke Testing

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