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2010 Stormwater Task Force
Mayor DiCianni announced at the July 26, 2010 Storm/Flood Information Meeting at Bryan Middle School that he will be assembling a task force of Elmhurst residents from all areas of the City to work along with City staff and the City Council on storm management.

Approximately 100 Applications were submitted and reviewed. The Mayor has since announced the following residents will serve as members of the Task Force:

 Aprati, Darin  Filippini, James  Sherlock, Kevin C
 Beedon, Dan  Fisher, Jackie  Sherman, Matthew
 Buhrfiend, Michael  Fisher, Marc  Spatafore, Tony
 Byrd, Jeff  Hauser, Ernest  Sullivan, Kathleen
 Canzolino, Frank  Hoffmann, Ray  Swain, David
 Carroll, Kevin  Johnson, Roy  Vince, Jenn
 Connelly, Mark  Jordan, Cathy  Voirol, Heidi
 Conroy, William E  Lech, Frank J  Wickenkamp, Jeff
 Cooke, David  Lyons, Joseph G  Wilson, Virginia
 Cullinane, Mike  Mitchell, Greg  Wool, Brian
 Davis, Robert  O'Brien, Brendan  Zanoni, Nick
 Doan, Bryan  Packhem, Andrew J  Zasadzinski, John
 Falcone, Joe  Pisani, Jeff  
 Feenstra, Ted  Schrenker, Caroline  

Educational Workshops
Workshop I 10/12/2010  Overview: Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations  Video Slideshow  
Workshop II 10/25/2010 Salt Creek Water Shed Workshop Video Slideshow  
Workshop III 11/08/2010 Overview of Sanitary Sewer System Video     Slideshow  
Workshop IV 11/22/2010 Overview of Storm Sewer System     Video  Slideshow   
Workshop V 12/13/2010     ComEd Report to Elmhurst     Video  Slideshow   
Comed Addendum  02/02/2011 ComEd Reliability Report Addendum Addendum Reliability  Recap

Task Force Binder
Salt Creek
Sanitary Sewer
Storm Sewer

Presentation of Findings by Christopher B. Burke Engineering Ltd & RJN Group Inc
Stormwater Presentation 12/05/2011
Sanitary Presentation 12/05/2011

Task Force Reports
Sanitary Sewer Report June 2012
Storm Sewer Report Aug 2012

Task Force Presentations
Stormwater Subcommittee Presentation 08/20/2012
Sanitary Subcommittee Presentation 08/20/2012

Request for Qualifications - Comprehensive Plan to Investigate and Address Flooding Problems
Mayor DiCianni Letter to Task Force re Study Categories 02/08/2011
Mayor DiCianni Letter to Task Force 04/11/2011 re: Study Group Assignments & Agenda
Comprehensive Flood Plan Update (Burke) 04/18/2011
Burke/RJN Presentation to Task Force 04/26/2011
Burke/RJN Comprehensive Flood Plan Update (Burke) 05/11/2011
Burke/RJN Comprehensive Flood Plan Update (Burke) 06/15/2011
Burke/RJN Comprehensive Flood Plan Update (Burke) 07/13/2011
Burke/RJN Comprehensive Flood Plan Update (Burke) 07/18/2011
Burke/RJN Comprehensive Flood Plan Update (Burke) 08/10/2011
Burke/RJN Comprehensive Flood Plan Update (Burke) 09/14/2011
Burke/RJN Comprehensive Flood Plan Update (Burke) 11/16/2011
ComEd Elmhurst Reliability Plan May 2011
ComEd Outages Report April 2011
Resolution R-47-2011 (Re: ComEd Smart Grid Bill Modifications)
Burke/RJN Comprehensive Flood Plan Update (Burke) 10/12/2011
ComEd Presentation to City Council 08/06/2012
RJN Presentation Southwest Elmhurst Wet-Weather Control Facility (WWCF) 09/16/2013


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