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Think Local/Got It!
Think Local ~ Explore Elmhurst!

A Message from Our Mayor about the Benefits of Shopping Elmhurst First

Got It

We have all been faced with the recent economic challenges affecting us as individuals and as a community. Balancing budgets whether at home or at City Hall, while difficult, can be improved when we stop and think about the benefits of shopping Elmhurst first. Why shop Elmhurst? In addition to the many advantages of convenience, selection, service and competitive pricing, shopping Elmhurst generates nearly 26% of our tax revenue that is critical for our vital city services including law enforcement, fire protection and street maintenance. Now more than ever we need our residents to think Elmhurst first when making large purchases such as cars, furniture and appliances.

 Staying in Elmhurst for everyday purchases such as groceries, apparel, gifts, dining, salons and professional services also gives a much needed boost to our local economy. For example, a typical household spends about $1,600 each month on everyday purchases. When one household makes these purchases in Elmhurst, approximately $28 per month or $336 per year comes back to Elmhurst. If all 16,000 households made their everyday purchases in town, over $5.37 million dollars would come back to the city each year. You can make a difference!

Next time you are about to make a purchase, ask yourself if you can find what you need here in Elmhurst rather than heading for a big box store, visiting the mall or shopping online. Many stores, restaurants and service businesses are owned by Elmhurst residents. When you shop in a locally owned Elmhurst business 68 cents out every dollar that you spend circulates throughout our community through a combination of taxes, payroll and other expenditures. Elmhurst businesses employ many of our residents and also support local charities by donating money, time, goods and services.

Thank you for considering the benefits to you individually
and to our community by shopping Elmhurst first!

Respectfully Yours,

Mayor, City of Elmhurst  

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