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Property Tax Comparisons
How Does Elmhurst Compare?
The City of Elmhurst (City only) 2013 property tax rate of $0.6389 places Elmhurst basically in the middle of all city/villages rates within DuPage County. However, Elmhurst's position becomes extremely favorable when considering fire protection services. 

18 communities in DuPage County are served by fire protection districts, which levy their own property taxes. Elmhurst and 15 other communities provide their own fire protection services funded by their city or village budgets. Considering this fact, Elmhurst has the sixth lowest city property tax rate in DuPage County, with only the Village of Oak Brook, Hinsdale, Naperville, Downers Grove and Glen Ellyn having a lower rate.


2013 Tax Rate
Elmhurst's overall property tax rate in 2013 is $7.5116 (per $100 of equalized assessed value) for Elmhurst residents in York Township and $7.5880 Addison Township residents. Even with a 9.5% increase in the City's rate, (mostly due to the citywide decrease in EAV of 5.9%) Elmhurst maintains a favorable overall property tax rate with only 10 of 34 communities in DuPage County having a lower tax rate.

The City’s rate of $0.6389 is only 8.51% of the total tax bill paid by Elmhurst residents (York Township). For most Illinois communities, property taxes levied by local school districts usually make up the largest portion of the property tax bill. The Elmhurst Unit School District 205 rate of $5.2773 follows this pattern and represents 70.26% of the Elmhurst property tax bill.

To find out the breakdown of your total property tax bill, view the Breakdown of the Property Tax Bill(PDF).

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