Fire Prevention Bureau/Education

The Public Education Division delivers safety and education programs to various groups throughout the year. The Public Education Division presents the Learn Not to Burn program to all fourth graders in all Elmhurst schools as well as Cool Rules for Fire Safety to all first graders.

Fire drills are witnessed in Elmhurst schools, Elmhurst College, Elmhurst Park District buildings and senior living facilities. The Public Education Division presents several safety programs, such as Please Return on Monday (P.R.O.M.) and babysitting safety programs for students at York and Immaculate Conception High Schools.

The Public Education Division utilizes the Safety Trailer to conduct classes at the Elmhurst Park District Safety Town facility. The Public Education Division attends numerous functions during the year to promote fire safety and education and has made presentations at senior living, nursing and assisted living facilities as well.

The Elmhurst Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau handles a large variety of duties which include:
•Alarm and sprinkler inspections.
•Occupancy inspections.
•Company inspections.
•Plan review.
•Respond to inquiries regarding fire codes and regulations.
•Fire investigation.
•Attend meetings regarding new building projects.

The Fire Prevention Bureau spent thousands of hours in fire prevention activities. Fire prevention includes consultations with new business occupants, inspections, and plan reviews. The Fire Prevention Bureau attends meeting and conferences to stay current on the latest building codes. The Fire Prevention Bureau initiated a new software program to increase the efficiency of inspections and reduce paper copies by entering information on a tablet computer.