Senior/Disabled Transportation Programs


The City Clerk’s Office is a registration center for senior transportation programs and two transportation programs for disabled residents. Applications for all programs are available in person Monday through Friday from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm at:
City Clerk’s Office (2nd Floor)
209 N. York St.
Elmhurst, IL

City of Elmhurst Reduced Fare Taxi Program

The Elmhurst Taxi Program allows Elmhurst seniors (65+) and disabled residents to travel anywhere within the City limits for $1.40 each way. There is a limit of 20 one-way trips per month. Elmhurst Taxi Cards are issued in the City Clerk's Office and given to applicants immediately. Cards expire every four years. The Elmhurst Taxi Program is applicable with all licensed taxi companies in Elmhurst. Applicants must apply in person.

The taxi companies licensed in the City of Elmhurst are:
303 Taxi - (630) 368-0303
American Taxi - (630) 920-9480
Universal Taxi-  (630) 617-5400
The One Taxi - (630) 707-9421

DuPage County Pilot II Reduced-Fare Taxi Program

The Pilot II Taxi Program is a coupon-based program that allows seniors (65+) and disabled residents to travel anywhere in DuPage County by taxi at half price. Qualified applicants may apply in the City Clerk’s Office.  Applicants will receive a confirmation of their registration directly from the DuPage County Health and Human Services Department in approximately two to three weeks.


Cardholders may purchase coupons at the City Clerk’s Office. Coupons cost $2.50 each and have a face value of $5 when used towards payment in a cab. Cards do not expire. Taxis for the Pilot II program vary and cardholders are sent a booklet from DuPage County informing them of their taxi choices and program regulations. Current Pilot II taxi choices include 303 Taxi and Universal Taxi.

Seniors Ride Free & Reduced Fare RTA / Pace / Metra Program

RTA Reduced Fare & Ride Free Permits

The RTA issues Reduced Fare and Ride Free permits to eligible riders throughout the region.  The RTA Reduced Fare Permit allows older adults, age 65 and older, and qualified people with disabilities and Medicare recipients to ride all RTA fixed-route services (regularly scheduled CTA, Metra and Pace buses or trains in Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, McHenry and Will Counties) at a reduced fare.  Additionally, in accordance with state law, the RTA issues Ride Free Permits for all RTA fixed-route services to any Illinois resident who is enrolled in the Illinois Department of Aging Benefit Access Program. 

Applications for the Reduced Fare and Ride Free permits can be obtained at the City Clerk’s Office.  To apply for these programs, complete the appropriate application, include a copy of both sides of your driver’s license and a passport sized photo.  Mail the completed application and all attachments to the RTA in the envelope provided.

For RTA Customer Service:  312-913-3110

Township Programs

Both Addison Township and York Township offer reduced fare transportation programs for residents who live within their boundaries. For more information on those programs offered at the Township level contact the appropriate Township:

Residents who live north of North Avenue - Addison Township: (630) 530-8161
Residents who live south of North Avenue - York Township: (630) 620-2413