Specialty Units


The Elmhurst Police K9 Unit suffered the loss of canine Diesel to cancer in April of 2019, after 9 years of loyal service with K9 handler, Officer Poli. When the department began the process of obtaining a new canine months later, the K9 program was opened to new applicants. Officer Cappitelli was selected as the new K9 handler to "Ozy," a 2 year-old German Shepherd, who was welcomed to the Department in October, 2019. 

ERT (2)


The Elmhurst Police Department's Emergency Response Team (ERT) was formed in 1981, with the assignment of 6 patrol officers and 1 sergeant. The mission of the unit was to train for, and respond to, unusual or high risk situations that are periodically encountered in law enforcement.

In recent years, the ERT is comprised of specially-trained patrol officers. Specialized equipment has been added to enhance the ERT's ability to conduct narcotic raids, high-risk search warrant execution, rescue operations, barricaded subjects, hostage incidents, suicide threats, and other high-risk situations.

In order to maintain their high level of expertise, ERT trains on a frequent basis and participates in training exercises taught by some of the nations leading tactical instructors.

During all training, a strong emphasis is placed on teamwork, physical fitness, and innovative responses to challenging and unique situations. A successful ERT mission is one that is resolved swiftly and safely.  Officers assigned to the team are cross-trained in a variety of areas and are capable of filling any number of roles at a moment’s notice.

All team members belong to state and national tactical officer associations to keep up with the latest techniques and equipment.


Crisis Negotiators

Crisis negotiation is a set of communication skills designed to reduce the risks of a critical incident and increase the options available to resolve a situation peacefully.

The Elmhurst Police Crisis Negotiation Team is made up of 7 full-time, sworn officers who have obtained additional training in negotiation and crisis intervention tactics. These officers respond to critical incidents where a person poses a threat to themselves or others.

Some of the incidents the team may respond to include those involving:

  • Barricaded persons
  • Domestic problems
  • Emotionally disturbed persons
  • High risk warrant service
  • Hostage incidents
  • Persons trapped in the act of committing a crime
  • Suicidal persons
Negotiators in Mic

The goal of the Crisis Negotiation Team is to peacefully resolve crisis situations by listening and responding to concerns through the use of effective communication tactics. The crisis negotiators are another group of professionals within the Elmhurst Police Department who are dedicated to maintaining the safety of the residents and visitors to the City of Elmhurst.

Traffic Unit

To address traffic issues, the department uses a three-pronged approach--termed "The Three Es"-- Engineering, Education, and Enforcement, to address traffic safety issues.

• The Police Department works with the Engineering Division of Elmhurst Public Works to analyze and evaluate traffic issues and traffic safety.

• Educational programs are designed to build awareness among motorists, promoting traffic safety.   Speed Monitoring Awareness Radar Trailers (S.M.A.R.T.) are currently being used to make drivers more aware of their speed while traveling in Elmhurst.

• The entire police force is trained to Enforce traffic safety laws as a part of their regular duties. In addition, the department has a Traffic Unit consisting of officers working special enforcement details paid for by grants from the IL Dept. of Transportation. The Traffic Unit monitors streets and intersections with high crash frequencies and enforces truck weight limits, routes, and seatbelt and DUI laws.

Speed Kills

Many people think the worst that can happen to them is receiving a ticket, but speeding can kill or disable you or a loved one. We all need to make a conscious effort to be good citizens and safe drivers by staying within posted speed limits, wearing seat belts at all times, watching out for pedestrians, and being courteous to other drivers.

Slow down and keep our neighborhoods and streets safe.

Speed Facts

• On average 13,000 Americans are killed every year in speed related crashes
• 30% of all fatal crashes involved speeding
• Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for young drivers
• Of drivers under 21 involved in fatal crashes, 38% of the males and 24% of the females were speeding
• The economic cost of speed-related crashes in the United States is estimated to be more than $29 billion annually
• The minimum cost of a speeding ticket is $75 (more than 98% of speeders are found guilty in court)
its our town lets slow down.jpg

Did You Know?

• Elmhurst passed an ordinance reducing the speed limit on all residential streets to 25 mph
• On average, the Elmhurst Police Department handles a total of 2,500 traffic accidents per year
• Speed is a contributing factor in 31% of all crashes in the U.S.
• A significant number of speeders in Elmhurst actually live in Elmhurst

Overweight/Oversize Vehicle Permits
Oxcart Online Permits

The City of Elmhurst has entered into an agreement with Oxcart Permit Systems effective April 1, 2015 for all overweight and oversize vehicle permits. This new web-based system offers permit applicants a simple and effective way to obtain permits in a timely manner. Applicants must simply visit oxcartpermits and click on the “Trucking” tab and create an account to get started. Once the account is opened, the applicant will be able to request permits through an easy to use online permit application. Once the application is electronically submitted, it will be reviewed by Code Enforcement. Upon approval, the applicant will receive notice of approval through email. The applicant can then make a payment using any major credit card and the permit will be immediately issued in an electronic format.


Oversize/Overweight Vehicle(PDF) Permit Fee Schedule
General Permit Provisions(PDF)

Summer Mobile Patrol    

The Summer Mobile Patrol is a two-fold unit involving both the Bicycle Unit and the Side-by-Side vehicle purchased in 2016 with a grant from the Union Pacific Railroad. In 2018, the Summer Mobile Patrol logged over 700 hours of activity.

Bicycle Unit

Last year, the Bike Patrol program had 10 police officers participating with 5 police bicycles. This program involves police officers riding into areas of the community that have high pedestrian and bicycle traffic, providing a police presence and enhanced rapport with residents, especially community youth. In addition to neighborhood patrols, the Bike Unit also covers the Memorial Day parade, the Immaculate Conception Bike Safety Day, Rock the Block nights, the Elmhurst Park District events like Safety Town, Park-a-Palooza, and “Touch a Truck,” the City Bike Parade, the Elmhurst College Cycling Classic, The YMCA Bike Registration & Safety Information Day, Booti-ful Saturday, the Elmhurst Fire Department Open House, and special bike patrols on Halloween night. The Elmhurst Police Bike Unit is active from May thru October each year.

SMP Bike Unit 072117


Like the bicycle unit, the Summer Mobile Patrol Side-by-Side provides officers with additional opportunities for community engagement while they are out on patrol. The SMP not only provides greater police visibility in areas that squad cars cannot access but also makes officers more approachable to our residents while they are out in the community.

In 2017 & 2018, a special City Centre SMP detail was undertaken on Friday and Saturday evenings over the summer to place officers downtown among citizens. The Summer Mobile Patrol is also used during the St. Patrick’s Day and Memorial Day Parades and the Dan Gibbons Turkey Trot. 

SMP Parade-Alex-crop