Police Department

The men and womenof the Elmhurst Police Department are dedicated to providing professional public safety services to our community. We proudly serve and live by our motto, “Providing the Best”.
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Our Motto and Mission Statement, "Providing the Best"
The primary mission of the Elmhurst Police Department is to provide effective and efficient delivery of law enforcement services to the community.  The Police Department achieves this mission by a simple motto, “Providing the Best.”  The mission and motto are the guiding principles in the delivery of service to the community.

  • We pledge to do our best to safeguard all people in the City of Elmhurst and ensure a high quality of life for all through the effective and efficient delivery of law enforcement services.
  • We believe the public must have confidence and trust in the ability of every Elmhurst police officer to reliably and efficiently perform his/her duties.
  • Our mission is to create a feeling of safety and security in all of our citizens by providing the best law enforcement possible.
  • We believe that human resources are our community's single largest and most important investment, and we are committed to excellence in our profession. We recognize that good interpersonal communication skills are absolutely necessary to the effective performance of our duties.
  • We will provide the best by being sensitive to the authority with which we are entrusted and by upholding our responsibility to protect the public with fairness, equality, honesty, integrity, and legality.
  • We will provide the best by our commitment to justice, both for the police department and for the public we serve.