Police Blotter


The City of Elmhurst Police Blotter contains information on recent crimes and incidents that have occurred within the City limits. If you have any information regarding these crimes that could be helpful, please call (630) 530-3050.

Everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

According to Federal and State law, a government public body may withhold certain information that if disclosed would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy, unless the disclosure is consented to in writing by the individual subjects of the information.  Additional examples of disclosure that are prohibited by law include:

•    If disclosure would jeopardize the confidentiality of the victim, complainants, witnesses or reporting parties;

•    If disclosure would jeopardize an ongoing criminal investigation or the safety of an individual;

•    If disclosure would cause a suspect to flee or evade detection;

•    If disclosure would result in the destruction of evidence;

•    If disclosure would deprive a person of a fair trial or an impartial hearing;