Bid Postings

14-36 - Public Works Facility Salt Storage Shed  Salt Storage Shed Plan Holders Salt Storage Shed Bid Tab
15-28   Pine St/Avon Rd Stormwater Improvement Project
  Pine Avon Bid Tab
15-35 - Crescent Ave/Cambridge Ave Stormwater Improve Project  Crescent Cambridge Plan Holders Crescent Cambridge Bid Tab  
15-43 - York Street/I-290 Stormwater Improvement Project  York 290 Plan Holders York 290 Bid Tab  
15-46 - Schiller Parking Structure Maintenance Repairs Project  Schiller Deck Maintenance Plan Holders Schiller Deck Maintenance Bid Tab  
15-47 - Harrison Street Stormwater Improvements Project    Harrison Bid Tab  
15-51 - Madison Early Childhood Ctr Stormwater Improve Project  Madison Plan Holders Madison Bid Tab Part 2  
15-52 - Geneva Avenue Stormwater Improvement Plan Geneva Plan Holders Geneva Bid Tab  
16-01 - 2016 Watermain Improvement Project  Watermain Plan Holders Watermain Bid Tab  
16-02 - 2016 Contract Paving  Contract Paving Plan Holders Contract Paving Bid Tab  
16-04 - 2016 Sidewalk Replacement Program Sidewalk Replacement Plan Holders Sidewalk Replacement Bid Tab  
16-08 - 2016 Sidewalk Slabjacking Program  Sidewalk Slabjacking Plan Holders Sidewalk Slabjacking Bid Tab  
16-09 - Concrete Pavement Patching Concrete Pavement Patching Plan Holders Concrete Pavement Patching Bid Tab  
16-15 - 2016 Sewer CIPP Lining Project CIPP Lining Plan Holders CIPP Lining Bid Tab Details   
16-22 - 2016 Fire Hydrant Materials   Fire Hydrant Bid Tab  
16-37 - Installation of 4 High Speed Doors   Garage Door Bid Tab  
16-40 - Schiller Parking Deck Painting Project Schiller Deck Painting Plan Holders Schiller Deck Painting Bid Tab  
16-44 - 2016 Crack Sealing & Sealcoating Program      
16-45 - 2016 Inlet Cleaning  Inlet Cleaning Plan Holders Inlet Cleaning Bid Tab  
16-46 - 2016 Pavement Striping Pavement Striping Plan Holders Pavement Striping Bid Tab  
RFQ for Energy Performance Contracting Water Meter Replacement and AMI Project
Plan Holders
16-41 Washington Street Stormwater Improvement Project Washington Street Bid Tab
16-10 Elmhurst Police Station Rain Garden
Plan Holders Rain Garden Bid Tab
17-22 2017 Fire Hydrant Materials
  2017 Fire Hydrant Material Bid Tab
17-02  2017 Contract Paving Plan Holders 2017 CP Bid Tab
17-01 2017 Watermain Improvements
Plan Holders
Bid Tab
2017 PW143 FINN Hydro Seeder
  Bid Tab
2017 Ver-Mac PCMS-320RT Message Board
  Bid Tab

Bid packets for the above bids are available for pick up at Elmhurst City Hall unless otherwise noted.