Water Meter Change Out

Starting in October, 2017 the City of Elmhurst will begin a citywide water meter change out project requiring all residential and commercial water meters to be replaced. This project is needed because the majority of the City’s 14,000+ meters are over 25 years old and have exceeded their life expectancy. Because of this, The City has experienced many years of 18-20% of Unaccounted For Water.

The City has signed a contract with Siemens to replace all existing water meters with highly accurate non-moving part mechanical water meters that will aid in detecting leaks. The new water meters have the ability to provide on-demand reads as well as leak and tampering alerts, and early identification of leaks before they surface. A web based customer portal will also be available for residents to electronically monitor for leaks, and manage their water consumption online.

Elmhurst water customers will receive an introductory letter with project information. Project updates will regularly be posted on the City’s website and social media pages. Residents are also encouraged to attend informational open house events that will be scheduled at City Hall.

The water meter change out project is expected to occur through spring of 2018, and is mandatory for all residents and businesses. Meters will be installed systematically throughout the City, and when Siemens is approaching a neighborhood, residents in the area will be sent a series of postcards requesting them to schedule an appointment. Residents are asked to be responsive and schedule an appointment once this notification is received.

The new water meter will be installed at no additional cost. Residents will be expected to have an adult over the age of 18 years old home at the time of appointment, which should take no more than 30 minutes to complete. Residents should attempt to locate their water meter in advance and ensure the meter is accessible for Siemens at the time of the appointment.

On the date of the water meter change out, the resident should take precautions and look for the logo on the installer’s uniform & vehicle and make sure the installer’s ID is visible before allowing the installer to enter the home. All of Siemens installers will be identified with an ID badge and will be driving vehicles marked with the project logo. They will also be wearing project shirts with the project logo. Once the installer enters the home, residents will be asked to guide the installer to the location of the water meter. 

Once the water meter is replaced, residents will receive a bill, on their normal schedule, that will look the same as previous bills, but will include any remaining water use on the old meter, along with any cumulative use on the new meter.  All subsequent bills will only include use from the new meter. A noticeable difference in the new bill will include usage registered in gallons verses cubic meters. Any billing questions should be directed to the City’s Utility Billing Department by calling 630.530.3111.

For questions on the installation process, please contact Siemens at 866-260-3176. 

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What will your new bill look like? SAMPLE BILL

Product data sheet for the Mach 10 meters