Vehicle Stickers



All vehicles registered or garaged in the City of Elmhurst are required to display a current year Elmhurst vehicle sticker. Stickers are renewed between March 1 and June 15 of each year and must be displayed by June 15. They are valid from June 15 through April 30 of the following year.


Any questions regarding vehicle sticker requirements may be directed to the Finance Department at (630) 530-3117.


Residents with information on file will receive a pre-printed form in the mail. Payments may be made online. If you do not receive a form by March 10, please contact City Hall for an application or complete the Vehicle Sticker Application(PDF) and return to City Hall with payment. License plate numbers are required on all vehicle sticker applications.

Transferring Stickers

Transfer stickers must be purchased when a vehicle is sold or substituted for a registered vehicle. You cannot physically transfer the current sticker to another vehicle, you must notify the City and provide the new information within 30 days of the purchase date. A transfer sticker must be purchased for $2. Failure to purchase a sticker or transferring the sticker to another vehicle can result in a citation.

New Residents

New residents must purchase their vehicle stickers within 30 days of moving into Elmhurst. They may be eligible to purchase their stickers at a pro-rated amount depending on the time of year.

Senior Citizens

"Senior discount" means that fee applicable to persons being sixty-five (65) years of age or more, as shown upon his Illinois driver's license, or other equally reliable photo id. Proof of ownership of vehicle is also required.


Vehicle Type
Fee on or Before June 14
Fee on or After June 15
Senior Citizens Fee on or Before June 14
Senior Citizen Fee on or After June 15
Passenger car $36 $45
$18 $22.50
Recreational (RV plate)
$48 $60
$24 $30
Motorized cycles $18 $22.50
$9 $11.25
Trucks (Gross Vehicle Weight w/Load)

4,800 lbs. or less $36 $45
$18 $22.50
4,801 lbs. to 8,000 lbs.(B plate) $90 $112.50
$45 $56.25
8,001 lbs. to 12,000 lbs. (D plate) $126 $157.50
$126 $157.50
12,001 lbs. and over (F plate and all other truck plates) $180 $225
$180 $225