Public Forum Procedures

Public Forum Steps

When giving public testimony, please follow these steps:

1. Sign in by clearly printing your name and a brief description of the topic you wish to discuss prior to the start of the Council Meeting.

2. Move toward the microphone once you have been recognized by the City Clerk. Microphones are located on either side of the Council Chambers.

3. The City Council is not obligated to respond to comments made during Public Forum. Questions/Comments are often addressed in subsequent discussion during or after the meeting, or a later date.

Public Forum Guidelines

When giving a public testimony, please follow these guidelines:
  • To avoid confusion, please do not move until you have been recognized by the Chair.
  • Limit your comments to 3 minutes and avoid repeating the comments of previous speakers.
  • You may speak only once during the Public Forum.
  • Be aware that you are giving a public testimony.
  • Do not pose a question for which you need an immediate response.
  • Do not attempt to engage in a debate from the floor.