Frozen Pipes

How To Know If your Pipes are Frozen
Generally, when a pipe which feeds a certain fixture such as a shower, sink, or toilet freezes, you will no longer be able to get water through that fixture. This would be the case if the pipe is frozen solid.

What To Do If your Pipes Freeze

Some techniques for thawing frozen pipes include:
  • Opening ceiling tiles if your home has a drop ceiling
  • Using a heat gun (be extremely careful)
  • Rubbing the pipes with warm damp rags
  • Turning off the gas to your hot water heater

Preventing your Pipes from Freezing
Some suggestions include:
  • Keeping the water meter area or pipes exposed to outside walls heated
  • Providing ventilation to pipes allowing warmer air to circulate around them
  • Insulating your pipes
  • Caulking and sealing any openings near your water pipes
  • Keeping some tap water running
  • In severe cases, it is best to turn your main valve off and drain your system by turning your sinks on