Taxicab Company

No taxicabs shall be operated upon the streets of the municipality unless there shall first have been obtained a taxicab license from the City Clerk. Such taxicab licenses shall be issued for a year term, or such part thereof as remains at the time a license is applied for, and shall be effective for such period of time unless sooner suspended or revoked. An original Certificate of Insurance must accompany application (MCO Chapter 31, Section 254) .

Each individual taxicab operator and vehicle must also be licensed before they are allowed to operate within the City limits of Elmhurst. Vehicles must pass inspections at approved locations within 30 days of application. Taxicab operators are subject to a background check prior to approval. Operators must submit a Driving Abstract from the Secretary of State’s Office within 30 days of application.


Yearly Fee
Taxicab service $200
Operator permit $75
Vehicle License $25