HR Responsibilities

Strategic Management
The Human Resources Department works within the organization, guiding and leading the change process, to develop the short and long range needs of the organization.

Compensation and Benefits
The Department is responsible for the total compensation and benefits systems for the City workforce. This is accomplished by developing, implementing, administering, and analyzing the compensation and benefits programs.

Workforce Planning and Employment
The Department is responsible for the recruiting, hiring, orientation, and retention of the workforce to accomplish the organization’s goals and objectives. Resource planning and succession planning are part of this responsibility. See the employment page for information regarding the City’s online employment application process and a listing of current job openings.

Training and Organizational Development
The Department ensures the workforce is prepared to meet the current and future individual and organizational needs by developing, administering, and analyzing training and development programs. Training and organizational development programs ensure the workforce is equipped with the skills knowledge and abilities to carry out the City’s mission.

Employee and Labor Relations
Human Resources monitors, develops, administers, evaluates, and maintains programs that promote workplace relationships in support of the organization’s strategic objectives. This includes the collective bargaining process with three unions.

Occupational Health, Safety, and Security
The Department is responsible for promoting the physical and mental well-being of the workforce. A key objective is to ensure there are programs that effectively protect the community, individuals and the workplace from unsafe acts, and conditions.

Human Resources chairs the employee Wellness Committee to promote the physical, spiritual, and mental wellness of the employee population.

The Department manages claims submitted to the City both internally and externally. The Department is responsible for case management of Worker’s Compensation and liability claims.