Regional Transportation Studies

Cook-DuPage Corridor Transportation
Tollway I-88
Illinois Tollway The Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) is studying a new transportation proposal in the western suburbs that would greatly expand commute options. After two years of developing the Cook-Dupage Corridor concept plans, a committee of elected county and municipal officials recently approved a scenario of eight transportation improvements to advance for more detailed analysis. The recommended improvements are designed to help increase mobility in the heavily congested Cook-DuPage Corridor. The committee also laid out a set of actions and policies to define the next steps.

Cook-DuPage Corridor Study
Elgin O'Hare - West Bypass Public Info
The Illinois Department of Transportation has initiated the Elgin O'Hare-West Bypass study in DuPage and Cook counties. The study will include consideration of the potential extension of the Elgin O'Hare Expressway east of IL 53/I-290 and a potential new western bypass of O'Hare Airport, along with consideration of a full range of potential transportation system alternatives.

Elgin O'Hare - West Bypass Study

EOWB Advisory Council Final Report

Moving Beyond Congestion - Strategic Plan For Transit
The RTA, in partnership with the CTA, Metra and Pace has launched the Moving Beyond Congestion Project, a comprehensive regional strategic planning effort. This effort will evaluate how public transportation will best fit as a component of a larger transportation network that serves our region's travel needs.

Moving Beyond Congestion - Strategic Plan for Transit