Community Development

The Planning and Zoning Division has primary responsibility for coordination of short and long-range planning activities and the administration of appropriate City ordinances to protect neighborhood character and enhance the quality of life within the context of the City's Comprehensive Plan. Planning and Zoning Division staff serve as a  resource to elected and appointed officials, as well as the community at large. Specific responsibilities include development site plan review, policy analysis, subdivision and zoning code administration and enforcement, and general information processing relative to development and redevelopment within the community.

The primary mission of the Building and Code Enforcement Division is to effect the orderly processing of permit applications and subsequent inspections for all building activity within the community; and also to monitor and pursue compliance with standards of the adopted codes.

This mission is fulfilled by:
  1. Monitoring all building activity within the community by means of plan review, permit issuance and construction inspection.
  2. Counseling prospective builders and developers relative to code requirement and life/safety issues.
  3. Responding to complaints for violations of the Municipal, Property Maintenance or series of adopted Building and Life Safety Codes.
  4. Reviewing and issuance of Public Works permits, providing inspections and documenting that activity.