Sustainable Elmhurst

The City of Elmhurst is dedicated to the enhancement and protection of the immediate and long-term well-being of the City, its citizens, and its natural environment. To that end, the City of Elmhurst will consider sustainable environmental practices as an integral component of its leadership role in the community.

The Sustainability Action Plan, adopted in March 2018, is comprised of goals and strategies that support sustainable practices and continues to guide the City’s decision-making process in these areas moving forward.The Action Plan is comprised of goals and strategies that support sustainable practices and continue to guide the City’s decision-making process in these areas moving forward.

There are four target areas of the plan: Waste Reduction and Recycling, Transportation and Mobility, Energy Use Reduction and Alternative Energy, and Water Resources and Conservation. 

To ensure that this is a living document – and one that can and will be implemented and used by City staff and elected officials with assistance from community partners – we developed goals and strategies for each target area.

Vision Statement: 
Sustainable communities are livable, healthy and resilient.

The City of Elmhurst will work in a leadership role to improve our environment and utilize our resources in ways that are fiscally responsible. We seek to protect and restore our environment, create economic value, and lead primarily by example through development of City practices and through the promotion of more sustainable options available to the community.

Mission Statement: To create a community-wide sustainability action plan focusing on waste reduction and recycling, transportation, energy and water.

Sustainability Action Plan

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Save the date! October 26th is Sustainability Day in Elmhurst! The City will be partnering with regional organizations that will be presenting various sustainability best practices and initiatives. Choose to attend any of our 1-hour presentations running from 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. in the Elmhurst History Museum Education Center. Presentations will include information on recycling, clean energy, conservation, and more. Registration sign up opens on Friday, October 7th. Sessions will also be recorded and posted at a later date for residents to watch if they are unable to attend. 

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