How many people work in this division?

Currently, the department has 16 full-time and 1 part-time employee covering 1 shift 7 days a week. The public water supply is monitored continuously by a SCADA computer controlled supervisory system, which both monitors and operates various aspects of the public water supply. This SCADA system is capable of responding to changes in demand within the system adjusting chemical feeds and alerting operations staff when conditions may change causing an operational problem within the system. The SCADA computer controlled system had been expanded for the monitoring of the storm, water pumping and sanitary water pumping responsibilities within the division.

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1. Production & Treatment is responsible for what services?
2. How many people work in this division?
3. How is the division regulated?
4. What are the capabilities of the individual systems at Elmhurst?
5. What is the source of water for the public water supply?