What are the opportunities for public input?

In the establishment and operation of a TIF district, there are many opportunities for public participation. 

Before a TIF district is created, the Redevelopment Plan must be available for public review at least 45 days prior to the public hearing. The public hearing offers the community an opportunity to raise questions and voice their concerns about the proposed redevelopment.

A member from the community, representing the public, serves on the Joint Review Board along with representatives of the major taxing bodies overlapping the TIF. 

A registry of interested residents and organizations must be created for each TIF and notice of important TIF activities shall be sent to those registered. 

Committee meetings of the city council or village trustees afford the public another opportunity to voice support or opposition of the TIF district. 

Extensive annual reports are required for each TIF and will soon be available to the public through the State Comptroller's web page.

Additional notices and public meetings are required for certain housing TIFs.

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