We recently had a fire in our home. What do we do next?
Contact your insurance agent immediately. Your insurance company will see that your residence is properly boarded up and utilities are restored when possible. If you do not have insurance, or your insurance does not cover all losses, you can receive assistance from the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago at (312) 729-6258 or the Salvation Army at (630) 629-4948.

Three hotels in the area include:
  • Marriott Courtyard (630) 941-9444
  • Marriott Town Place Suites (630) 932-4400
  • Marriott Residence Inn (630) 629-7800
If you have any questions or concerns that we might help you with, please contact theElmhurst Fire Department.

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2. We recently had a fire in our home. What do we do next?
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