Can we use the meter to monitor our own usage electronically?

We are currently looking at a customer service portal (access via smart phone or other smart devices) that would allow customers to monitor daily water use. The portal would let customers set usage alarms for high use, over budget use, or even use when out of town. This is NOT an option at this time. The alarms would be sent directly to your email or text number based on how customer sets up alarm notifications.

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1. What is the Water Meter Replacement Program?
2. How does the meter reading system work?
3. Who will be installing the upgrade?
4. Do I have to be home for the upgrade work?
5. What can I do to make the installation smoother?
6. What work is involved at my property?
7. How long will the installation upgrade take?
8. Does this mean no more meter readers?
9. How will the data from my meter be used?
10. Will the radio interfere with my television, cordless phone or other electronic devices?
11. Will the city be able to monitor water usage more frequently, therefore informing us earlier?
12. Can we use the meter to monitor our own usage electronically?
13. Is there any other device that could potentially help us to know when we may be using more water than we should?
14. Is this change out mandatory?
15. Where is my water meter?
16. I cannot find my water meter in the house, where else might it be?
17. Will the water meter be hooked up to my houses power?
18. Where will communication device (MTU) be located?
19. I lost my water meter change out notification letter, what number do I call?
20. During the water meter change out, PMI will be documenting any Cross Connection Devices there may be on your water service you might have attached to system. What is a cross connection device?
21. Will the installer need to drill new holes to mount the new radio transmitter?
22. Do I need to be concerned with increased exposure to Radio Frequency in my new Smart Water Meters?
23. Can I please have more detailed information on the Mach 10 meters?