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Elmhurst Police Department - Video Sharing Program

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  2. Video Sharing Program
  3. Elmhurst Police Department
  4. (630) 530-3050
  5. Check one:
  6. (If you have cameras at more than one address/location please register each address/location separately)
  7. Camera Views:*
    (Please check which are applicable)
  8. To be eligible to participate in the video sharing program the video camera must be in the City of Elmhurst
  9. Thank you for registering with the Elmhurst Police Department video sharing program. The information you have provided to us will be used for investigation purposes only, and will not be disseminated for other solicitations of the City or for any commercial purposes. If you have any questions about this program, contact Deputy Chief Robert Tannehill by email or (630) 530-3050.
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