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A Safer Community: Speed Awareness & Traffic Safety

A Safer Community: Speed Awareness & Traffic Safety The City of Elmhurst has launched a new program themed, “A Safer Community: Speed Awareness & Traffic Safety.” The goal with this effort is to improve traffic safety in our community through education and data analysis.

Mayor Levin states, “We’ve heard community concerns about speeding in neighborhoods. This program will allow us to better analyze data while recommending and implementing improvement plans.”

The program includes a Pilot Neighborhood Traffic Study, a review of traffic control devices, traffic flow and speed data, as well as a driver speed awareness campaign. 

The first Pilot Neighborhood Traffic Study was completed in the College View area near York High School and Elmhurst University. Residents in this area received specific information about the study by mail/door hangers. The goal was to increase safety by improving motorists’ expectations and by creating a higher level of consistency with traffic signs. The study reviewed traffic controls at all intersections and speed limits along all streets. Traffic consultants gathered traffic volume and speed data and reviewed accident and citation records. There was also a public meeting including a neighborhood discussion about the study, with a review of recommendations. A formal presentation to City Council, through the Public Affairs and Safety Committee, included recommendations for implementations in the study area. Council and City Staff will then decide the next Neighborhood Traffic Study location based on objective standards such as traffic accident data and speed and traffic control reports. 

In Fall 2023, the City of Elmhurst conducted traffic studies in areas #2 & #3. (link to map)  The second study reviewed traffic safety on local streets in the area bounded by First Street, IL Rt. 83, North Avenue, and York Street .The third study reviewed traffic safety on local streets in the area bounded by Madison Street, Spring Road, St. Charles Road, and York Street

The Following Public Notices were sent to residents in these areas:

Traffic Study Area #2 Notice

Traffic Study Area #3 Notice

A consultant traffic engineering firm, KLOA, collected data on streets traveled, flow of vehicles, traffic control signs, and speeds. Historical traffic accident data were also analyzed.

The City will host a Public Open House on Wednesday, February 28th where the preliminary findings from study # 2 & #3 will be available for public review and comment. With the Public Open House format, you can come at any time between 5pm – 7pm to see exhibits and talk with City and KLOA staff.

The driver speed and traffic awareness campaign will promote ways to improve the safety of our neighborhood streets. Educational and promotional materials will include the message, “Safety Starts with Us” followed by an actionable way in which neighbors can look out for each other’s safety and well-being. Marketing materials will consist of neighborhood yard signs, bumper stickers, posters and magnets. 

This program will aim to improve the environment and quality of life of our community through public safety awareness, encouragement, and enforcement.


Final Pilot Traffic Safety Study  - Area 1