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Emergency Alerts

Safety is a priority in Elmhurst, which is why we offer several tools used to notify residents and our public safety in the event of an emergency. We want our residents to have access to important emergency information at all times.
code redThe City of Elmhurst has instituted a new rapid emergency notification service called CodeRED. The new system will distribute emergency messages via telephone, email and text messaging to the entire City within a matter of minutes.

When you see (855)969-4636 (General Notifications) or (866)419-5000 (Emergency Notifications) displayed on your caller ID, you will know the call is from the City. If you would like to hear the last message delivered to your phone, simply dial the number back.  Messages will also be sent via email and text.

By registering, you will be added to the emergency call list. Your contact information remains private and will only be used for community notifications.

Elmhurst residents are welcome and encouraged to enter their contact information for home, business and mobile phones. This will enable all subscribers to be contacted by the system in the event of an emergency or important City event. It is important for residents and businesses to register, especially if they use unlisted numbers or cell phones.

Those who do not register their address and phone number will not be notified with CodeRED in case of an emergency.


Register for CodeRedSmart911:
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DuPage Public Safety Communications (DU-COMM), the consolidated 9-1-1 public safety communications center providing police and fire dispatch to a significant portion of DuPage County, has announced its use of a new system called "Smart911."

Smart911 allows citizens to enter information online which they would want automatically available to the 9-1-1 operator in the event 9-1-1 is called from their home or cell phones. The additional data is far more extensive than what is typically available to 9-1-1 dispatchers and will help to improve incident outcomes.

DuPage County is the first in the state to implement an enhanced 9-1-1 service for citizens, called Smart911. The service allows individuals online access to build a safety profile of their household to include vital personal and medical information that will be available to emergency responders in the event 9-1-1 is called.
The service, which is free to citizens, enhances the response and supports improved incident outcomes by providing responders with critical additional Needs Registry:

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Complete the Special Needs Registry form here.