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Exemplary Youth Service Award

Group of KidsEligibility Requirements:The City of Elmhurst’s Commission on Youth is currently seeking nominees for its 2023 Exemplary Youth Service Award. Eligibility requirements include:

  • Volunteer must be an Elmhurst resident (Elmhurst address), live within School District 205 boundaries, or attend an Elmhurst school.
  • Volunteer must be elementary school age through senior in high school.
  • The award is focused on individual achievement.
  • The service must be voluntary and unpaid.
  • The service must have occurred between February 1, 2022 to present
Deadline March 1, 2023  to submit nominations. 

Note:  Family and self-nominations will not be accepted.

A ceremony will be held to honor the award recipients on April 19th at Sandburg Middle School at 7:00 p.m.

Examples of types of service:

  • Arts & Culture: Efforts involving museums, performing arts, historical sites and programs; ethnic and cultural exploration and education programs; awareness and education for the arts. 
  • Community Service: Service to improve a neighborhood or community. 
  • Education/Literacy: Service in schools or community-based learning programs from youth to seniors. 
  • Environment: Environmental education, public awareness, protection and/or enhancement. 
  • Health and Special Needs: Service providing physical and/or mental health care; substance-abuse prevention and/or rehabilitation. 
  • Human Needs: Child care; youth and community recreation; services to the elderly, people with disabilities, families, and/or children; assistance to homeless or impoverished persons/families; veterans/military families; housing and short-term crisis resolution; or social services. 
  • Public Safety/Disaster Management: Education about safety, assistance in disaster preparedness or helping victims of natural disaster.
  • Social Justice/Advocacy/Economic Opportunity: Efforts to bring together diverse groups within the community that focus on creating and strengthening social ties and/or promote equity and justice. 
  • Recognition of all Volunteers:
  • The recipient will be recognized at city hall during a city council meeting with their guests also present. 

Selection of Exemplary Youth Volunteers:

The City of Elmhurst Commission on Youth will coordinate the review and selection.  Selection is done via a blind review process.

Nominations will be accepted until March 1, 2023. Nominations received after this date will not be considered. Please contact with any questions.

To complete the nomination, please complete the form below and answer the following questions and attach your answers to the form.

Narrative: Please describe your nomination in 300-500 words, including your responses to the questions below. Be specific. Nominations will be judged anonymously. Attach your narrative to the form below to submit your nomination.

Do NOT use the name of the volunteer(s) in the body of your response.

Describe the volunteer activity or service and why it was exemplary. Please include:
  • When and where the volunteer activity took place.
  • The scope/ range of volunteer activity (the number and variety of tasks that are part of the volunteer effort).
  • The duties of the volunteer(s).
  • Describe the quality of work/work ethic of the nominee(s), e.g., the work is completed well and on time.
  • Describe how the nominee(s) demonstrated leadership, e.g., took initiative, solved problems, was innovative.
  • Describe the nominee(s') commitment to service, e.g., number of people served, length of time served, has spent a large number of hours in one year to complete a complex task, consistent service to project(s) over an extended number of years.
  • Other comments about the volunteer(s) and/or their contribution.

Exemplary Youth Nomination Form (Individual)

Please attach your narrative document below answering all of the required questions.

Nomination Form for an individual nomination (Print and Submit Hard Copy)
Nomination Form for a group (Print and Submit Hard Copy)