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Permit Parking

The City of Elmhurst uses an online system that allows you to apply, pay, and manage paid parking permit(s) digitally. Your license plate number is used as your virtual permit. Each permit will be connected with one license plate number. If you interchange your vehicles, you must log-in to the online system to identify the license plate number of the parked vehicle.


How to Apply and Manage Permits

  1. Login and make your profile. You can opt to receive SMS and email notifications related to your permit.
  2. Select your permit type. See a list of permit types and descriptions below. 
  3. You will be prompted to make your payment through the online permit system. Please view one of the tutorials to view the payment process.
  4. Once purchased, you are authorized to park your vehicle in lots assigned to your permit type. Your permit is tied to your license plate. 
  5. Manage your permits if you need to. You can update license plates, buy more permits, renew a permit and make other changes all through the online permit system.
  6. Entering license plates: Do not include dashes, spaces, or names of other states when entering in license plate information. If you have a specialty plate that includes two or three vertical letters to the right of the plate number, those letters must be included as part of the license plate number. If you have a truck plate, you do not need to include the letter B or D that is to the right of the plate number.

The plate above would be entered as: USAAR
The plate above would be entered as: BEARSBD
The online permit system accepts the following payment types:

  • Credit card: Visa or Mastercard
  • Debit card

If you are unable to pay with the accepted payment types or do not have a computer or smart devise, please contact City Hall at (630)530-3000.
Refunds will not be issued once a permit has been processed.