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Mosquito Abatement

The City contracts with St. Charles-based Clarke to conduct its integrated mosquito management program, which includes surveillance to monitor overall mosquito populations levels and detect the presence of vector-borne disease; mapping of mosquito breeding sites; treating storm drains and breeding sites with larvicides to prevent mosquito eggs from developing; and periodic adulticiding, which involves treating the community with an ultra-low volume mosquito control product to quickly reduce flying, biting mosquito populations.

The City of Elmhurst uses Clarke’s EarthRight® service program, the most environmentally-responsible option for community-wide mosquito control available. Clarke’s EarthRight program uses highly effective, naturally-derived products that are registered with the EPA and are Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) Listed. EarthRight treatments are made using green delivery technologies, including bicycles and electric vehicles.

All applications are performed at night between dusk and dawn, when adult mosquitoes are most active. Start and end times vary based on routes. Sprays in Elmhurst are also coordinated with those in neighboring towns to achieve the most benefit for the entire area.

Residents can go to the online portal or call the hotline to register for spray notifications:  or 1-800-942-2555. The notifications are made the day of the spray only to residents who have asked to be notified.  If a spray is canceled due to weather, Clarke calls all residents on the notification list the day that the application is rescheduled.