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Utility Division

This division of public works is made up of two groups, the Production and Treatment division and the Distribution and Collection division.Water Treatment Plant aerial view

The Production and Treatment Division is responsible for the 20 million gallon per day (MGD) activated sludge wastewater treatment facility with 10 sanitary sewer liftstations and the 15.0 MG water production system which utilizes three large finished water reservoirs and three elevated storage tanks. This division is also responsible for the 18 stormwater pumping stations and ancillary systems.

The Distribution and Collection Division manages 188 miles of potable water distribution main, 144 miles of the sanitary sewer collection system, and 133 miles of storm sewer collection system which includes more than 60 outfalls and flap gates discharging into local streams.   Additionally, the Division operates and maintains more than 15,000 residential/commercial water meters providing first-class service through an average of 4,500 service calls in the past five years. This group is also responsible for the maintenance, calibration, and replacement of water meters throughout the City of Elmhurst.

Water Quality Report

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